Darlene McCord PhD History & Bio

Darlene McCord, Ph.D., FAPWCA

Darlene McCord PhD

Darlene McCord, Ph.D. is McCord Research's Chief Researcher; she brings an exclusive assortment of scientific credentials to the company. Her area of expertise is corneotherapy, focusing on the transmission of small molecules across the stratum corneum for the healing of skin disorders linked with distressed and wounded skin. She is greatly published on subjects related to immunodermatology and corneotherapy. Through her support, Pinnaclife and its mother company McCord Research have attained global appreciation in the OTC Drug and Medical Device classes.

Darlene McCord, Ph.D. is acknowledged for her work as a biochemist in skin and wound care and dietary supplements. Dr. Darlene McCord has been given two patents and six medical devices in the field. She currently has more than 30 skin and wellness products being sold across the world. Dr. Darlene McCord's top skin and wound care product offering is the Remedy with Olivamine brand distributed by Medline Industries, which is the top selling medical skin care line in North America. Dr. Darlene McCord has also invented the Restore line for Hollister and the Cavalon line for 3M.

Dr. Darlene McCord was given her first patent in 1993 and then the second patent followed in 1997. Dr. Darlene McCord remains pursuing her desire in skin repair systems, barrier repair systems, nutrition, antioxidants, cancer, diabetes, and animal health.

James B. McCord, Ph.D., FAMWCA

Dr. James McCord is a former graduate of the University of Iowa where he was presented all three of his degrees including his Ph.D. in college administration. For over 20 years he worked in college administration, and helped foster many important relationships between college administration and faculty, through his management skills.

Dr. McCord's rapport with The University of Iowa and its research departments were highly persuasive in guiding him and his wife, Darlene McCord, back to Iowa. Through his Iowa roots, Dr. McCord has supported the forming of many shared research projects with The University of Iowa. Many intellectuals are now involved, and the program is inspiring new breakthroughs.

Through his many corporate affiliations, Dr. McCord built connections with 3M, Hollister, Acme United, DeRoyal and Medline Industries. His talents in management and commercial expansion bring an extraordinary variety of academic administration and business insight. Through the strengths of Dr. James McCord, crucial contracts and accrediting arrangements have been established with some of the foremost medical establishments in the world. Dr. McCord directs Corporate Investments and Academic Affairs.

Darlene McCord Ph.D. Full Bio

In 1994, Dr. Darlene McCord realized the possibility for an overpowering novel method to cellular restorative healing. For the next decade, she would create top-rated skin and wound care products for prominent companies in the industry. All of Dr. Darlene McCord's lines were highly successful and every product line was wholly dedicated to healing patients.

In 2004, Dr. Darlene McCord foresaw a molecular compound that could fundamentally stimulate the inactive cells that were about to decease and revive them back into fruitful, energetic life. After addressing a tireless chase of natural sources for the molecule she had imagined, she recognized that the main properties she desired could be found in trace amounts in certain types of green olives.

Dr. Darlene McCord consumed countless months learning methods to acquire the miracle molecules and form them into a formulation with the ability to generate the effect she believed conceivable. She termed the creation after the source - Olivamine® - and subjected it to a chain of extensive scientific trials. Overwhelmingly, after delightfully confirming its efficacy, she printed her amazing results in the top peer-reviewed scientific journals in the world. As a result, it was what happened next left the medical world in awe.

When Dr. Darlene McCord's Olivamine-based skin care products were originally presented in 2004, within their certain segments, they promptly were recognized as the number one selling lines in the hospital, long-term care and nursing home markets. The products were valued as the best products in the marketplace for the healing of bedsores, wounds, ulcerated skin and other severe skin diseases and ailments. Unlike the materials in other skin care lines, Olivamine has the verified power to enter the external layer of skin and straightforwardly heal impaired cells. When Olivamine was presented to patients' cells, the outstanding healing outcomes were nothing short of miraculous! As a result of high-class research development, in a market section dominated by intense competition, Olivamine quickly made its way to the number one selling medical skin care line in North America.

Soon, ecstatic blessings and statements were given from hundreds of hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers. More meaningfully, in telling the extraordinary healing power of Olivamine, thousands of patients began referencing Dr. Darlene McCord as a true miracle worker. The intense success of Olivamine® was followed by a miserably ironic experience, which led Dr. Darlene McCord on a new path for her research.

In 2004, Dr. Darlene McCord herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. She instantly initiated the pursuit of gaining the attention of the top medical care available to help her fight the dreaded disease. It was during this agonizing process that she envisioned new approaches to observe and overcome cancer and a variety of other dreadful diseases at a cellular level. The rapid accomplishment and astonishing marketplace dominance of Olivamine permitted Darlene McCord and her husband, James, the financial funds to be capable of funding more than $2 million in healing research at The University of Iowa and other top universities in the United States. Using innovative research techniques and supported by electron microscope technology, their researchers have explored even deeper into the real science by which Olivamine repairs at the cellular level.

The characteristically passive scientists were stunned by what the examinations verified. Just as Dr. Darlene McCord had expected, this miraculous creation had the power to revitalize inactive cells and power them to become valuable, healthy and vigorous again. Additionally, she concluded the outcomes were independent of the technique by which Olivamine was brought to the cell. In other words, Olivamine proved to work equally as well when it was consumed inside the body as it did when applied topically on the skin. In some instances, oral uses are demonstrating better results!

Comprehending the meaning of this revolutionary discovery, Dr. Darlene McCord began following a new course of research. What if she could use the research conclusions from the previous years and drastically progress the healing strengths of Olivamine and group the power of this improved proprietary ingredient with the world's proven healing and shielding natural ingredients in a supplement form? What if this innovative form of Olivamine was so much greater over her primary formulation that she could now patent her efforts? Well, the result is the patent pending Olivamine10 formula. Olivamine10 is so groundbreaking and so scientifically valid that its story of cellular wonders is just now being born. Essentially, Dr. Darlene McCord has offered a low-cost, non-prescription daily cure that provides both ultimate nutritional support and groups it with Olivamine10's power to recover resting cells. For the first time in history, what kind of healing revelation could this bring to the world?

The intense evolution in her own health after overcoming breast cancer with the help of Olivamine10 was sufficient evidence to inspire her to pursue her new life's mission and provide hopefulness across the world. Now, after devoting millions of dollars of her own individual capital on research and development, Dr. Darlene McCord is honored to discover that her vision came true and that the dream is now available to the world through Pinnaclife brand supplements featuring Olivamine®.