Darlene McCord In The News


McCord Research reveals a thrilling development in the outcomes of Olivamine and Olivamine10 and their impact on cells. AGE Magazine published a piece proposed by scientific experts from the University of Iowa. The piece is named: "MnSOD action controls hydroxytyrosol-induced extension of chronological lifespan." The editorial discovers that certain dosages of hydroxytyrosol, a fundamental component in Olivamine and Olivamine10, is systematically supported to prolong the lifespan of cells, free of disease, by 20%!

This news summary is enormous for Pinnaclife and for its parent company, McCord Research. "I have acknowledged the significance of hydroxytyrosol since before Olivamine was conceived," Dr. Darlene McCord stated. "These independent investigations provide us profound credibility to entire world of science. Their support verifies what we have recognized years ago since the introduction and launch of the antioxidant blend of Olivamine."

AGE Magazine is a peer-reviewed periodical for the American Aging Association and is a prominent Scientific Publications on age related sciences.


Dr. Darlene McCord and Pinnaclife are pleased to proclaim that Pinnaclife brand nutritional supplements and Remedy Skin Care creams deliver a comprehensive prenatal product set.

Dr. McCord remarked, "Prenatal nutrition is so vital and even with a balanced diet, it is nevertheless challenging for mothers to be to receive all the necessary nutrients to provide ideal health. We are enthusiastic to offer the Pinnaclife Prenatal Care Package which offers all of the necessary nutrients to expecting mothers to promise the best health for both them but more importantly their unborn child."

The Prenatal Packages offered by Pinnaclife gives expecting mothers the respected Pinnaclife brand of nutritional supplements backed by science. The product is not only based upon the distribution of nutrients, but on the accurate dosages of particular nutrients. Each nutrient is transported to mother and child with full scientific understanding of how it works together with the other vital nutrients blended in the supplement.

The plan also incorporates Dr. McCord’s Remedy Skin Care products: Skin Repair Cream, Calazime and Nutrashield. When used together, the Skin Repair Cream and Nutrashield work collectively to condition the expecting mother’s sensitive skin and defend it from damage and dreaded marks from stretched skin. The Calazime aids as a wall against chapped skin and rash irritation as well as exceptional healing and avoidance of diaper rash on a baby’s delicate skin. "A primary sense that a baby advances in-utero is the sense of smell." Dr. Darlene McCord added, "If an expecting mother applies Skin Repair Cream during her pregnancy, then reapplying the cream on a fussy baby can spark a sense of remembrance and be a successful and natural soothing method."

More information is available at www.pinnaclife.com.


IOWA – Dr. Darlene McCord of McCord Research and Pinnaclife publicized the partnership with the Iowa City and Coralville Hy-Vee stores. Dr. McCord observed, "Introducing our health related products to the public via Hy-Vee was a logical decision for us. They are our neighbors and likewise their origins are in Iowa. We shop in their grocery stores and we function with the same level of honesty and morals that Iowa grounded companies are recognized for."

McCord Research is a research and development company presenting expert brand products that are based on science. The Pinnaclife brand nutritional supplements are brough to you by Dr. Darlene McCord, the inventor of Olivamine and the number one selling skin and wound care line in North America. Pinnaclife is the daughter company of McCord Research, which finances the Goswami Lab of free radical and radiation biology at the University of Iowa. "Exhilarating novel improvements in health and nutrition are being discovered at our lab daily." Dr. McCord commented. In conjunction with offering Pinnaclife brand supplements for retail at the Iowa City and Coralville Hy-Vee stores, the Pinnaclife staff will also be delivering informative demonstrations on nutrition, exercise, wellness and health in connection with the Hy-Vee dietitians and health markets.

Pinnaclife Supplements are available for purchase at almost every Hy-Vee store across the country. Pinnaclife and McCord Research remain dedicated to the exclusive partnership with Hy-Vee and are committed to the continuation of future success.