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According to the Centers for Disease control, arthritis affects 21 million people in the United States, making it the leading cause of disability. Arthritis causes cartilage breakdown, painful swelling, and inflammation. While arthritis is typically associated with aging, arthritis can also be a result of bone breaks, infections and autoimmune disease. This means that it can affect and disable people of all ages. Pushes by advocacy groups have promoted copious amounts of research some of which have examined nutrition’s role in arthritis alleviation.

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Consider Antioxidants
One of the most painful and damaging effect of arthritis is joint inflammation. One of the processes by which inflammation is generated is through the production of harmful agents in the cell called reactive oxygen species (ROS). Antioxidants bind to ROS, protecting the cell from its damaging inflammatory effects. 1 Hydroxytyrosol, a key ingredient in Olivamine10TM, is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant derived from the olive. Olivamine10TM was formulated by world renowned biochemist, Dr. Darlene McCord. Animal studies showed that water containing hydroxytyrosol, acted as an anti-inflammatory.2 More specific research on laboratory cell lines show that polyphenols work with in the cell to prevent inflammation.3 A long-term human study concluded that olive oil supplements may be able to reduce certain genetic factors that cause inflammation.4

The link between omega-3 and decreased inflammation is well established. Omega-3 is believed to work within complicated biochemical cascades to block and redirect rogue chemicals that cause inflammation.5 Stopping an inflammatory cascade can greatly influence affects of inflammation possibly including arthritis. The effect of omega-3 on rheumatoid arthritis has been clinically tested. A study that included forty-nine rheumatoid arthritis patients found that patients that took high, concentrated does of a mixture of DHA and EPA experienced fewer swollen joints and other painful results of inflammation.6

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